FA’23 General Plan

Here’s what we plan to do this upcoming quarter!! For clarity we have organized club events into different sections.


During club meetings, we hold workshops going into the technical stuff and theory involving radios. It’s an excellent application of knowledge you learn in ECE classes. Don’t worry if you’re new to any technical knowledge–we are happy to explain things! This is also a place to share any club/personal project ideas/updates or ask for advice on radio projects. We also encourage members to present workshops when researching topics in radio and electronics they may find interesting!


Want to get to know more about the club? Participate in some of our events! These are found on our calendar.

Work Days

Interested in the equipment/applications of radio? We have work days available to all UCSD students! During these work-days we usually do maintenance for our antennas on the roof of Atkinson hall. If you want to help set up or just tag along to observe what equipment we have please tag along! Since we need UCSD staff to access the roof, dates and times will vary so check on our discord for the most updated times/information for work-days.


We also have club projects going on!! More detail soon.