KK6UC Club Modernization and Public Service Infrastructure Project

Leads: Jake, Catherine

We noticed a need for infrastructure to better serve the broader San Diego amateur radio community, especially those involved in emergency communications support. We have learned from local ARES operators that UHF Winlink gateway coverage in the UCSD area is lacking. Creating a UHF Winlink gateway at UCSD will provide ARES and potentially even campus users (there has been discussion of integrating amateur radio with campus CERT operations) with enhanced gateway coverage. The completion of this project will teach technical skills to club student members. Those students will lead the project, receiving valuable leadership and project management experience.

Timeline as seen below:

Funding received from ARDC!

KK6UC Radiosonde Weather Balloon Project

Leads: Selecting Leads

The Radiosonde Weather Balloon project is an upcoming project available for student to participate in. The project will start Spring Quarter 2024. The weather balloon will send data via radio and be an Arduino based project. Students working on the project will have access to the circuits lab to work on the project.