WI’23 Events

Upcoming Events:

  • (2/13) ARRL School Club Roundup
    • Information about the ARRL School Club Roundup can be found at https://www.arrl.org/school-club-roundup
  • (3/04) Event: Ham Radio Merit Badge Outreach (w IEEE)

Upcoming GBM Topics:

  • GBM #4: Antenna Building
  • GBM#5 Transmitters
  • GBM#6 Digital Radio Modes & remote access to the radio in the radio shack setup
  • GBM#7 “Foxhunt” Scavenger Hunt
  • GBM#8 SSTV & Image Encoding (w demo)

Note: all GBM meeting topics are subject to change.

We welcome anyone who is interested in radios and engineering! You do not have to have a radio license or any knowledge to join. The majority of our announcements are done through our discord server which can be joined here: https://discord.gg/U2Fxj86YXn